The Late Dr Pav Bhogal
03/07/1992 to 16/08/2023
Age 31

Honoring a Visionary,
Building a Legacy

Our Mission:

- To provide exceptional dental care using the latest technology and research.

- To promote oral health education and awareness.

-To create a welcoming and compassionate environment for our patients.

- To expand access to dental services for underserved communities.

-To conduct research and contribute


In memory of the late Pavan Bhogal, a visionary entrepreneur whose life was tragically cut short, we present a remarkable opportunity to invest in a project that not only fulfills his dreams but also serves as a lasting tribute to his vision. The Pavan Bhogal Memorial Dental Clinic aspires to become the largest and most innovative dental healthcare

Pavan Bhogal: A Visionary Healer

Pavan Bhogal, a passionate advocate for dental healthcare, had a vision to revolutionize the field of dentistry. His dreams were grounded in a deep commitment to improving oral health and overall well-being for people worldwide. His journey began with a strong educational foundation in dentistry, and his aspirations were further fueled by a compassionate heart, an innovative spirit, and an unwavering determination to make a difference.

Pavan's life was a testament to his commitment to his community and his dedication to providing accessible, high- quality dental care. He dreamed of opening a dental clinic that would not only excel in providing cutting-edge dental treatments but would also prioritize patient comfort and experience.

The Vision Lives On

Tragically, Pavan's life was cut short before he could realize his dream. However, we believe that his vision should not remain unfulfilled. The Pavan Bhogal Memorial Dental Clinic aims to carry forward his legacy.

Pavan Bhogal's Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

In addition to his dedication to dental healthcare, Pavan Bhogal's legacy also includes his contributions to enhancing healthcare infrastructure. As a co-founder of Mars Purifier, he supplied Warwickshire County Council with cutting-edge air purifiers, ensuring that communities had access to clean and fresh air, especially during the challenging times of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

His commitment to healthcare innovation also encompassed supporting NHS dental practices, NHS spirometry facilities, and NHS abortion clinics. He understood the importance of accessible and high-quality healthcare services for all, and his contributions to these critical healthcare sectors exemplify his dedication to improving people's lives through innovation and compassion.

The Pavan Bhogal Memorial Dental Clinic is an embodiment of his holistic approach to healthcare, striving to provide not only advanced dental services but also contributing to the broader healthcare ecosystem, just as PavanĀ hadĀ envisioned.

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